GP6 Transducer
Nato Stock No. 6685-41-000-7580

After an introduction period we are proud to note that our new Transducer generation is well accepted by customers using them already.

For further potential customers we might not have reached with our first campaign we want to emphasize that the GP Series are a real breakthrough and milestone in Transducer technology.

Gallium Phosphate, a material never thought to be grown industrially was the key to success. Many years of intensive R&D resulted in Transducers featuring higher temperature stability, sensitivity and better linearity when compared to quartz andconsequently are unmatched by other Transducers.

Three types are available, namely

  • GP2
  • GP6
  • GP8

As a result of our consequent and target-oriented work

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE NATO APPROVAL OF OUR TRANSDUCER GP 6 permitting pressure measurements of the NATO calibres 5,56x45mm, 7,62x51mm, 9x19mm and 12,7x99mm

The NSN for the GP6 is 6685-41-000-7580

We hope that highest quality, reliability, superiority combined with attractive prices and short delivery times are convincing arguments for future procurements

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