B572 Optical Target System

Automatic, computer controlled scoring system for the accurate determination of the shot position, hit pattern and terminal velocity

One of the major requirements for each weapon-ammunition system is to achieve a high accuracy of fire. Target systems are used to determine the accuracy of fire for weapons or ammunition in research, development, production control, as well as acceptance tests. The B572 Optical Target System can be used in the calibre range from 4 to 20 mm in R&D, quality control and acceptance tests. It is basically designed for use in indoor shooting ranges, but can also be used outdoors or in covered facilities in dry conditions.

Measurement Principle

The evaluation of the X and Y co-ordinates is passed on flight time measurements when the projectile passes the target. Four infrared sensor areas are arranged in such a way that the exact hit position can be calculated from the flight time the projectile needs to pass through the sensor areas. The sensor areas are spatially arranged in such a way that the masured times clearly show the geometric position of the shot. The times are measured and signals processed in the B572-TR time recorder at the target. This information is then transmitted to the PC via an RS485 interface where the hit position is calculated.

  • Large sensor area
  • Infrared transmitter, infrared receiver
  • No controls on the target
  • Unaffected by changing ambient light
  • Simple connection to PC
  • Immediate presentation of results
  • Interference immunity
  • Caliber range 4 - 20 mm
  • Velocity range 50 - 2000 m/s
  • Accuracy of hit coordinate < 5 mm (5 ‰ from x and y)
  • Safe passage area 1500 x 1500 mm
  • Effective sensor area 1000 x 1000 mm

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